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WebEx brought online meetings to regular people. We had a long time to get it right before the knockoffs showed up.

Now we power 20 million reliable meetings per month, more than all the knockoffs combined. We’re rock-solid. And Cisco secure.

Web Conferencing: Unleash the Power of Secure, Real-Time Collaboration 
This paper focuses on security information for Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Cisco WebEx Support Center, and Cisco WebEx Event Center. 

Cisco WebEx® online solutions help enable global employees and virtual teams to meet and collaborate in real time as though they were working in the same room. In fact, online collaboration can improve on traditional face-toface collaboration by making travel time and costs, and even conference room space, a nonissue. Businesses, institutions, and government agencies worldwide rely on Cisco WebEx® solutions to simplify business processes and improve results for sales, marketing, training, project management, and support teams. 

For all of these companies and agencies, security is a fundamental concern. Online collaboration must provide multiple levels of security, from scheduling meetings to authenticating participants to document sharing. 

Cisco makes security the top priority in the design, deployment, and maintenance of its network, platform, and applications. You can incorporate WebEx® solutions into your business processes with confidence, even with the most rigorous security requirements. 

Understanding the security features of Cisco WebEx online applications and the underlying communication infrastructure - the Cisco WebEx Cloud - is an important part of your investment decision. 

The Cisco WebEx Cloud Infrastructure 
Cisco WebEx Meetings is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution delivered through the Cisco WebEx Cloud, a highly secure service-delivery platform with industry-leading performance, integration, flexibility, scalability, and availability. The Cisco WebEx Cloud offers ease of deployment and application delivery to lower your total cost of ownership, while making possible the highest grade of enterprise security. 

Switched Architecture 
Cisco deploys a globally distributed dedicated network of high-speed meeting switches. Meeting session data originating from the presenter’s computer and arriving at the attendees’ computers is switched, never persistently stored, through the Cisco WebEx Cloud

Data Centers 
The Cisco WebEx Cloud is a communications infrastructure purpose-built for real-time web communications. WebEx meeting sessions use switching equipment located in multiple data centers around the world. These data centers are strategically placed near major Internet access points and use dedicated high-bandwidth fiber to route traffic around the globe. Cisco operates the entire infrastructure within the Cisco WebEx Cloud. Data within the United States stays within the U.S. region, and data within Europe remains in the European region. 

Additionally, Cisco operates network point-of-presence (PoP) locations that facilitate backbone connections, Internet peering, global site backup, and caching technologies used to enhance end-user performance and availability. Cisco personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for logistical security, operational, and change-management support. 

Overview of the Highly Secure WebEx Meeting Experience 
The WebEx meeting experience encompasses: 
● Meeting-site configuration 
● Security options for scheduling 
● Options for starting and joining a WebEx meeting 
● Encryption technologies 
● Transport-layer security 
● Firewall compatibility 
● Meeting data privacy 
● In-meeting security 
● Single sign-on 
● Third-party accreditations (independent audits validate Cisco WebEx security)

The terms “WebEx meeting(s)” and “Cisco WebEx meeting sessions” refer to the integrated audio conferencing, Internet voice conferencing, and single and multi-point videoconferencing used in all Cisco WebEx online products. These products include: 
● Cisco WebEx Meeting Center 
● Cisco WebEx Training Center 
● Cisco WebEx Event Center 
● Cisco WebEx Support Center (including Cisco WebEx Remote Support and Cisco WebEx Remote Access) Unless otherwise specified, the security features described in this document pertain equally to all the WebEx applications mentioned above. 

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