Why Choose Us:   

  • 1 Young, promising, friendly, and most importantly professional staff
  • 2 Favorable working conditions
  • 3Self-development Prospects
  • 4 Efficient management system

Our purpose - the quality of products, services, our human relationships and organization of company's management, that should serve as an example for others.
Our values:                                

1.Our employees - source of our strength, intellectual wealth and corporate culture.
2.Our products - end result of collective efforts, source of development and company prosperity.

We are a team of like-minded persons.                             
Join us!

Besides the professional practice, a significant role in the development of promising employees play relationship with other experts, that already have a lot of experience in the relevant field and holding of development programs and trainings at least once a year with subsequent verification of knowledge by internal examination (certification). The Company provides all possible moral and material support to employees who wish to be further developed in the field of IT and pass the certification in one or another direction, creates opportunity for their exam preparation and provides the necessary examination materials, if possible. Successful completion of the certification is reflected in employee’s material welfare.
Internship at ULTRA

ULTRA creates conditions for students to apply their knowledge in practice, gain experience, as well as to acquire knowledge in the field of ICT. We hold winter and summer sessions of recruitment of senior students and graduates for training and practice twice a year. Students who successfully pass the qualifying rounds and training period get opportunity to work at Ultra and participate in the projects.

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