Kadr və Əmək haqqı sistemi (HR Payroll)_en

Kadr və Əmək haqqı sistemi (HR Payroll)_en

Purpose of the system

Main purposes of HR management and Payroll (HR & Payroll) systems are recruitment processes and staff management, training and career development, staff management as an organizational structure of the company, payroll management, advance payments, bonuses, salary increment and deductions management, staff activities control, related accounting records generation, execution of reports required by the law and other functionalities.


System functional modules

HR management system

  • Organizational structure management
  • Recruitment process systematization
  • Staff management
  • Training process management
  • Reports on HR management
  • “Self-service” – management of employees self-service


  • Payroll management
  • Vacations management
  • Bonuses and salary increment management
  • Advance payments management
  • Staff activities management
  • Taxes and deductions
  • Payroll


System advantages

  • Recruitment processes systemization
  • Operational Search System
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Database on all employees of the company
  • Quick acquisition of any reports
  • Data security
  • Training and career development
  • General payroll
  • Providing random number of users with access right
  • Advance payments, bonuses, salary increment, deductions management
  • Staff activities control
  • Related accounting records generation
  • Reports required by the law
  • Keeping of users accounting records
  • Automatic generation of vacation, business trip and other form samples using the system
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • User identification by login and passwords

Implemented similar projects

  • Bank of Baku
  • Ministry of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Court Expertise Center of the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic
  • “AzərSığorta” OSC


Used technologies

Oracle, Java, HTML5

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