ULTRA Technologies
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Our employees

  • Abdul Qurbanov
    General Manager
  • Gambar Mammadov
    IT architect
  • Larisa Parxomenko
  • Zaur Mammadzade
    Head of Business Integrity Group
  • Mahammad Zulfugarli
    General Manager
  • Nigar Mammadova
    Project Manager
  • Sarkhan Mammadov
    Group leader
  • Oleg Solin
    International Operations and Procurement Group
  • Abdul Qurbanov
    General Manager
  • Gambar Mammadov
    IT architect
  • Larisa Parxomenko
  • Zaur Mammadzade
    Head of Business Integrity Group
  • Muhammad Zulfugarli
    General Manager
  • Nigar Mammadova
    Project Manager
  • Sarkhan Mammadov
    Group leader
  • Oleg Solin
    International Operations and Procurement Group

Our history

  • - The company rebranded and replaced the Ultra name and logo with Ultra Technologies;
    - Launches the "EduMan - Automation of Educational Processes of Educational Institutions" system;
    - Application of the first differential salary system in Azerbaijan;
    - The winner of the "Web portal of the State Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Azerbaijan" prepared by our company together with the specialists of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the competition "NETTY" Azerbaijan National Internet Award;
    - Establishment of the Compulsory Medical Insurance System, as well as the establishment of the Server Infrastructure and the Data Center;
    - A memorandum of cooperation is signed between Ultra Technologies and 9 other companies specializing in innovation to establish the Azerbaijan Innovation Export Consortium;
    - ORACLE Corporation announces ULTRA as the company of the year in the CIS;
    - For the first time in Azerbaijan, Silver Partner status is obtained for F5 Networks;
    - For the first time in Azerbaijan, Ultra uses VxRail Hyper-converged technology at Rabitabank;
    - Awarded by Dell Corporation in the "Net New Business" category of the year;
    - Successfully passed the audit of quality management standards and obtained the international certificate "ISO 9001: 2015".
  • - The company starts operating in the field of software writing;

    - Provides computers and projectors to schools in all regions of Azerbaijan within the "Electronic School" project;

    - In the competition held on the occasion of the 126th anniversary of the first telephone line in Azerbaijan and the professional holiday of employees in the field of communications and information technologies, Ultra is awarded as the winner in the nomination "ICT Company - 2007";

    - IT infrastructure and the largest PLANITARIUM in the CIS are being built in the Modern Education Complex of Gazakh region;

    - Begins to act as an integrator;

    - Implements the E-Education System project;

    - Implements the Electronic Document Management Project. For the first time in the Ministry of Economic Development - "Megapolis DocNet" e-Document circulation and "HRM-personnel management" system are applied;

    - E-Education system is applied in more than 20 schools within the State Program of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Informatization of Education for 2008-2012;

    - ELECTRONIC NOTARY system is being developed for the State Registry Service of the Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the Ministry of Justice;

    - The e-signature project will be presented to the public in 2011 by Communications and Information Technologies, Microsoft and Azeri;

    - The Government of Azerbaijan and Microsoft sign an Enterprise Agreement on the use of licensed software in all government agencies, and Ultra Technologies, as a company with the status of Microsoft Large Account Reseller, is the executor of software licensing projects in government agencies. performs;

    - A partnership agreement is signed with the Belarusian company ST Group. Based on the partnership strategy, e-banking systems are applied to many banks in Azerbaijan;

    - In 2012, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the E-Library (ALISA system) project is being implemented;

    - Many websites are being created: eurovision.az, Education Portal of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Heydar Aliyev Center, official page of First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, official page of Leyla Aliyeva, Heydar Aliyev Foundation “Fly to Baku ”,“ Azerbaijan Pavilion la Biennale di Venezia ”, etc .;

    - The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan creates a database and website for the recognition (Nostrification) of diplomas of students studying abroad;

    - Awarded an honorary diploma of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the development of the Eurovision.az portal and ensuring the security of the site;

    - Implements SmartClass projects in several schools.
  • - ULTRA Computer is established under the slogan "Always Innovation";
    - The company begins its activities with the distribution of computers and equipment;
    - Intel has an official sales and authorized warehouse in Azerbaijan with the highest status of the corporation;
    - The first national brand "NEXUS" begins production of notebooks;
    - The first NEXUS laptop model (NEXUS President M) is presented to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, as a memento;
    - For the first time, wireless internet zones are being created in Azerbaijan;
    - Intel SONOMA technology premieres in the CIS;
    - Equips examination rooms for obtaining a driver's license for traffic police in Baku, Sumgayit and 12 districts with special computers and develops an exam test program.
  • ULTRA Technologies was founded in 1999. Initially, the Company resolved to stand out in the ICT market and apply innovations. As an official partner of Intel and many other large IT corporations in Azerbaijan, it has an authorized product stock and certified IT products for distributive sales.
    ULTRA Technologies, operating under the slogan "Always innovation," has quickly become one of the leading companies in the Azerbaijani IT market and carries out interdisciplinary work in the B2C, B2B, and B2G models of the IT field in the region.
    We have been expanding our software services as a software developer since 2008 and as an integrator since 2011.
    The Company has the official status of a partner of such world-famous corporations as “DELL”, “HP”, “Oracle”, “Cisco”, “IBM”, “Kingston”, “Tunçmatik”, “Rittal”, “AHA”, “MiSys”, “Bakotech” and many other leaders of the world industry of Information Technology (IT).
    Services provided and business dimension:
    • Application of integrated systems, software licenses, and software;
    • Complex IT services, construction of IT infrastructure, and development of Data Centers;
    • Distributed sales of IT computers and computer equipment;
    • Corporate and individual technical support services;
    • Service Center;
    • Programming;
    • IT audit and consulting.

    Our staff consists of several different groups cooperating strongly and effectively for our Company's development as a team. Our innovative team's local and expatriate members constantly improve their knowledge and have high technological awareness.
  • The primary goal of Ultra Technologies is to support the development and application of IT in Azerbaijan, promote innovative solutions, and make them accessible to everyone.
  • - To assist in the proper organization and continuous development of business applying modern technologies;
    - To prepare professional staff to contribute to the development of innovative technologies in Azerbaijan;
    - To anticipate the wishes of our customers by improving the quality of service;
    - To win the confidence as a good partner and responsible performer;
    - To become the flagship in the sustainable development of the IT market in Azerbaijan.
  • - To apply the best practices and innovations in the region;
    - To provide our customers with large-scale IT services;
    - To focus on customer satisfaction;
    - To become a brand that adopts loyalty is our primary brand strategy.
  • - Production of the first national brand - NEXUS laptops;
    - Establishment of wireless internet zones for the first time in Azerbaijan;
    - Establishment of wireless Internet access zones at all state universities (18) for the first time in Azerbaijan;
    - Organization of 2 World Premieres in Azerbaijan for 2-core and 4-core server and laptop systems;
    - For the first time in Azerbaijan, the establishment of equipment and programs for conducting e-lessons;
    - Development of the first automated national library system;
    - For the first time in Azerbaijan, the creation of the electronic signature.

Beyond the standarts!

With its team of experienced specialists, our company provides high-quality service that meets global standards. The "ISO 9001:2015" certificate that we gained by our hard work and performance is recognized worldwide and warrants safe, reliable, and high-quality service.
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Our collaborations


  • 26.05 - 26.06.2023

    Business analyst
    At least 2 years
    Welcome to the world of "Ultra"! 

    Here you will meet friendly, young and active team who have been provided with up-to-date equipment in an ideal working atmosphere. We also offer daily improvement with our regular trainings and certifications. Our team is on duty during a whole week from 09:00 to 18:00 excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Salary 1000 AZN. 

    See you soon!
    Responsibilities and Requirements:

    Having basic technical knowledge and the ability to work with MS Office and other auxiliary tools
    Analytical thinking, processing large amounts of data, and obtaining necessary information;
    Holding meetings with clients and defining requirements; 
     Analyzing and optimizing requirements, identifying main and alternative approaches (models), and approving with clients and projects;
    Analyzing business processes and documents related to current legislation;
    Visual description of business processes based on diagrams and schemes (using draw.io, Visio, etc.);
    Analyzing and formulating functional and non-functional requirements;
    Preparation of the page drafts of the project in the initial and subsequent stages, ensuring communication between the designer and the client;
    Preparation of TORs, analyses, and design documents;
    Identification, measurement, and control of risks and arising problems, and producing reports to the management;
    Quality and time control through internal systems;
    Identification of requirement priorities and forming the "set of tasks" based on the priority;
    Providing support to existing information systems and applying new requirements
    Preparation of various types of reports for the parties;
    Participation in daily or weekly SCRUM or Agile meetings, discussing tasks;
    Conducting preliminary testing of the prepared pages and functionalities, identifying and giving detailed explanations of the problem and incomplete functionalities, and making notes;
    Providing training;
    Preparation of presentations;
    Preparation of user manuals.

    Higher education (education in business administration and IT is preferred);
    Ability to state opinions accurately, fully, and fluently;
    Experience working with BPMN and UML diagrams;
    Experience working with task management tools (Jira, Azure Boards, Redmine, etc.)
    Language skills: Azerbaijani (excellent) | English (technical), | Russian is desirable;
    At least 2 years of work experience as a business analyst or product owner on software projects;
    Be in touch with current technologies and trends;
    Written and verbal communication with people with diverse outlooks and thoughts

Code of Ethics
Sincerity and honesty are the most important values ​​we are committed to in our business processes and relationships. Each staff member must be sincere and honest in dealing with colleagues and partners. We respect our staff members' personal physical and emotional environment and provide them with a healthy and safe physical environment. Discrimination based on sex, race, religion, or language is not tolerated in our Company.
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How to report violations?
Your doubts are significant to us. If you suspect a possible violation of Ultra Technologies' operational standards, policies, or legal or regulatory requirements, we recommend reporting it immediately. Ultra Technologies offers several tools to share your doubts with us. In addition, you can use these resources to ask questions or get advice on business activities and compliance with legal requirements.
Confidentiality and inadmissibility of retaliation
Ultra Technologies handles all incoming requests confidentially and seeks to maintain in strict confidence all the information about those who provided the required information under applicable law. Therefore, it is recommended that you enter information about yourself. Thus, it facilitates the analysis process and investigation of the situation. Ultra Technologies considers it unacceptable to take any retaliation against those who report violations.
The Network
The Ultra Technologies hotline is active 7x24. The service registers your suspicions and passes all the information obtained to the relevant responsible officials of the Company.