We offer innovative technological solutions since 1999!
  • There are no universal business solutions suitable for each and all. Therefore, by developing unique intuitive, and easy software for your region, we decided to contribute to various areas such as the financial industry, e-learning, etc.
    • ALISA Library System
      The ALISA system (Automated Library Information System of Azerbaijan) is a complex project to develop the Azerbaijan library system. The system completely automates the internal processes of the library and library-reader relations and stimulates the creation of the necessary environment for this process.

    • DocNet – e-Document management
      The document management system is software that allows automating the monitoring process of implementing essential tools such as document creation, coordination, approval, and document-related tasks.
    • EduMan – Education Management System
      The system offers a wide range of opportunities to expand teaching activities between teachers and students, monitor teachers' curricula, collect statistical and analytical reports, hold centralized examinations, increase exam transparency, manage the organizational structure of education, etc.
    • TaskOne - Task management and control system
      TaskOne is a system of automation of assignment and control processes over the execution of tasks. The system automates the assignment and solution of tasks in all enterprises, regardless of the type of service.

  • 1C is a complex of ready-made application solutions for various business areas. Moreover, the 1C platform is an open design environment that allows implementing new or modified functions of any complexity. Our programmers will assist you to automate, configure, modify, develop new functionality and integrate 1C software with other systems. Our team consists of professionals in 1C programming, accounting, planning, budgeting, etc.
  • Developing sales sites that are tailored for any device and have all the necessary functionality for successful promotion and development is something that we can and enjoy doing! Our team of specialists carries out a range of works on developing websites. Our experience, knowledge, and skills allow us to accept projects of any complexity, solve customer problems, and consider every detail.
  • All over the world, applications serve as a great support for organizations and their internal processes. However, applications often become obsolete and no longer maintain business dynamics, and their management and maintenance are costly. The service allows you to modernize key systems and optimize investments in the platform in accordance with the changing business needs, creating the basis for the development of innovations.
  • We undertake the implementation of separate structures within information systems and the complete design of DPCs (Data Processing Centers). Our Company designs architectural solutions for DPCs, develops engineering and information infrastructure, activates all necessary backup supply, cooling, and security systems. Our solutions for data processing centers cover all aspects of IT, security, network equipment, appliances, machinery, architecture, construction, migration/relocation, crash recovery, operation, and technical support service.
  • During the design and operation of DPCs, due attention must be given to uninterruptible power supply and cooling systems, along with information and telecommunications infrastructure. Temperature control is vital to protect your equipment from possible overheating. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) ensure the uninterrupted operation of your systems in case of problems with the power supply. Because of the longstanding experience of our team, we can assist you in maintaining the maximum level of productivity and reliability of your devices.
  • The main advantages of the IP Intelligent Network are prompt delivery of various multimedia services, increased efficiency, improved resource management, and network control. With our solutions, you will solve the most crucial goal in developing intelligent IP networks. By this, you will be able to localize the root causes and ensure automatic troubleshooting, thereby guaranteeing high quality of service.
  • The main advantages of the IP Intelligent Network are fast delivery of various multimedia services, increased efficiency, improved resource management and network control. Our solutions will help you solve the most important goal in the development of intelligent IP networks, which is to localize the root causes and automatically troubleshoot, thereby guaranteeing high quality of service.
  • Security threats are growing every day, and this raises cybersecurity concerns. To ensure the security of your processes and operations, we offer optimal solutions for corporate IT security based on the best firewall tools in this field. To meet modern security requirements, we apply the technology and experience of such leading companies as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, F5, Fortinet, Citrix, etc.
  • Only organizations that provide a high level of customer service and constantly expand their client base can reach leadership positions in the banking sector. In this case, it is essential to have an effective hotline. Clients should be able to ask questions and get the necessary information and technical support. The introduction of the call center is the right step that significantly increases the quality of customer service.
  • When optimizing a structure, the most important thing is not to damage existing business processes. Our business analysts, together with the client, focus on a thorough study of the Company's current business processes and subsequent identification of optimization potential for automation. The analysis results are compiled in the form of a strategic plan for developing the Information System, which includes recommendations for optimizing business processes and a set of functional and conceptual requirements for the information system.
  • The IT infrastructure maintenance and support services range includes data recovery and backup and server/storage monitoring. We also comply with your requirements for security, application management, database monitoring, and managed network security services.
  • IT Outsourcing is a partial or a complete transfer of responsibility for the maintenance, service, and modernization of IT infrastructure to a specialized company. It combines the availability of an entire staff of highly qualified IT professionals with a high level of profile support for complex solutions such as servers, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems, ATS, corporate mail.
  • The Company's support and service center is open to corporate customers 5 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm. We provide a full range of services for the installation, configuration, maintenance of servers, network equipment, PCs, laptops, monitors, diagnostics, repair and maintenance of computer equipment, modernization of computer equipment, and installation and updating of licensed software.
  • Our Company offers comprehensive system integration services to establish and maintain adequate IT infrastructure in terms of the interconnection of information systems applied at the enterprise. Integration solutions aim to organize information support for the implementation of business tasks of the enterprise, ensure transparency, consistency, and reliability of the interaction of different types of application information systems operating within a single business process. Our specialists have extensive experience in solving problems of varying complexity and have developed complex solutions optimal for integration.