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Azerbaijan University of Languages switching to automated education system

Azerbaijan University of Languages intends to implement the Education Management System based on the EduMan Platform to improve the quality of education.
Initially, the main goal of this educational institution was to build, implement and train several modules of the ready-made "EduMan - Centralized Education Management" Platform. These include the University's organizational structure, the generation of a Unified Base Platform to cover students' and teachers' records, the curriculum reflecting the learning process, academic schedule, timetables, and syllabus for both teachers and students. Pilot introduction of modules such as Educational planning and creating students' Personal Cabinets starting from any dean's office are also included. As a result, the University will initially have the following advantages:
• The advantages of creating a Centralized Database for Students, Staff, and Teachers and analyzing this information with the simplicity of search;
• Ability to register students quickly and easily;
• Simplicity of education planning based on timetables and academic schedules, etc.
• Opportunity for students to use special personal cabinets to be aware of news, notifications, updates and timetables.
In the future, Azerbaijan State University of Languages plans to introduce other modules of the EduMan Platform such as e-journal, e-document management, additional education, online document admission management for international students, e-exam management, and other systems in a centralized manner.
Note that the EduMan system developed by Ultra Technologies has been successfully implemented at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Azerbaijan University of Languages, Baku Oxford School (BOS), and 5 colleges under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.