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The first salary system in Azerbaijan based on rating

Ultra Technologies, the largest company-integrator in Azerbaijan, has introduced a differential salary system at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, which trains qualified economists and is considered one of the best educational institutions.
The purpose of developing the system is to strengthen the stimulation of scientific and pedagogical activities in the direction of ASUE development goals by differentiating salaries by evaluating the service activity of the academic staff of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics based on objective criteria.
The system is based on the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Education, the State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Development Concept "Azerbaijan – 2020: Outlook for the future," and the Charter of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.
In the applied differential salary system, "Annual Service Activity Point for teachers" are calculated for teachers based on 12 criteria of scientific activities of the academic staff, teaching activities, self-development activities. The system has a personal account for each teacher, which allows them to enter the personal accounts and calculate the differential salary by adding their activities in 3 main areas. Note that Ultra Technologies and the Azerbaijan State University of Economics have previously cooperated on several projects aimed to modernize and strengthen large-scale educational processes, such as the University's online examination system, university automation, Eduman - education system, e-journal, e-library, e-document workflow, IT infrastructure that meets up-to-date standards, e-podiums, etc.